About Us

The University of Balamand Dubai (UOBD) is a welcoming, vibrant multicultural campus community. Students, faculty, and staff come from different countries and cultures—a reflection of the United Arab Emirates, which hosts people from all over the world who come here to make this country their home.

UOBD was established in the UAE in 2017 as a private, independent institution of higher learning, located at Dubai Investments House, Dubai Investments Park (DIP). Licensed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the United Arab Emirates, UOBD opened its doors in September 2018. The academic programs offered by UOBD in the different disciplines are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the MOE. New programs are under review for Initial Accreditation by the CAA.

UOBD enjoys the support of Dubai Investments, PJSC and is inspired by the long-standing reputation and legacy of the University of Balamand in Lebanon (UOB). UOBD is not a branch campus of UOB; UOBD operates as an independent institution in the UAE under an exclusive license from UOB to use the name and intellectual property of UOB.

UOBD follows the North American model in the design of its programs and curricula and in its organizational setup. UOBD’s educational philosophy is based on the liberal education model, which aims to provide students with a transformative, holistic learning experience that enables them to achieve professional success, realize their personal aspirations, and contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.

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Vision and Mission


UOBD’s vision is to be identified as a leader in Higher Education, not only in UAE but also in the region.

We aim for excellence through the offering of internationally recognized academic programs focusing on the needs of the regional landscape and its socio-economic development.


The University of Balamand Dubai (UOBD) is an institution of higher education that draws on the values of openness, understanding, tolerance, and inquiry. Based on the American system of higher education, the core curricula build on the rich multicultural environment of Dubai to generate graduates cognizant of the values inherent in world cultures.

UOBD is dedicated to creating and communicating knowledge. It educates men and women to be successful in their chosen careers, active citizens in their societies, generous in their service to others and reflective lifelong learners. The University is committed to excellence in teaching, to rigorous research, and concern for the public good, within a context of inter-disciplinary openness and skills development. UOBD is committed to the socio-economic development of the region by engaging the community and supporting the initiatives of its faculty, students, and staff.

Why Choose us?

The University of Balamand Dubai embraces the universally-acclaimed American liberal education model, which focuses on whole-individual education. A UOBD education teaches you HOW to think NOT what to think, HOW to learn NOT what to learn. The goals of UOBD’s educational philosophy include graduating students who are able to adapt and respond to the challenges of a fast-changing economic and social environment, and to pursue lifelong learning.

Moreover, UOBD strives to serve the UAE society and contribute to the advancement of the UAE in every sphere. UOBD enjoys the full support of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mabarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Tolerance and Honorary President of UOBD. The University is also strongly supported by Dubai Investments (DI) and Dubai Investments Industries (DII). This opens many career opportunities for our graduates.

Jana Fawaz
Professional Teaching Diploma Graduate

There is a strong bond between

students and professors, that is

rare to find in other universities.

Saadeddine Abouzahr
Biology Student

The University of Balamand Dubai

is a warm environment surrounding

students, faculty, and staff. We are

like a big family.

Georgina Abdallah
Civil Engineering Student

They care a lot! Not only about how

students learn and understand the

lesson, but also about their

wellbeing and mental comfort.

The faculty encourages us to

always be creative and think

outside the box.

Ribal Tamer
Biology Student
The Vice Chancellor and CEO
Dr. Jihad S. Nader
Vice Chancellor and CEO
Dr. Jihad S. Nader joined University of Balamand Dubai (UOBD) on October 1, 2019 as Vice Chancellor and CEO. Previously, he held the following leadership positions…
Faculty Members
Alaa Mushtaha
Assistant Professor, Department of Healthcare Management
Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), UAE University, UAE Dr. Alaa Mushtaha joined the University of Balamand Dubai in January 2021 as an Assistant Professor of…
Haroon Moidu
Lab Instructor and Lecturer, Department of Physics
M.S. in Physics, MG University Kottayam, India. Mr. Moidu teaches Physics foundation and developmental courses. He also handles the responsibilities of the Physics Laboratory. He…
Jacinta Dsilva
Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing
PhD in Marketing and Service Quality, Coventry University, UK. Dr. Jacinta Dsilva joined the University of Balamand Dubai in January 2021 as an Assistant Professor…
Jean-Pierre Atanas
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
PhD in Physics, Polytech’Paris – UPMC, France. Dr. Atanas was named Chief Academic Officer in 2019, and prior to this appointment, he was assistant to…
Jessica Saba
Senior Lecturer, Department of English Language
M.A. in English Language Teaching, University of Balamand, Lebanon. Mrs. Saba joined UOBD in 2018. She teaches a variety of English service courses and English…
Lama Blaique
Assistant Professor, Department of Management
Ph.D. in Business Management, The British University in Dubai. Dr. Blaique is an award-winning researcher and a professor with over ten years of experience in…
Lamis Abulebda
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
PhD in Mathematics and Computer Applications, University of Technology, Iraq. Dr. Abulebda has more than fifteen years of experience in teaching and research. She has…
Mohammed Zia
Lab Instructor and Lecturer, Department of Biology
PhD in Biochemistry, King AbdulAziz University, KSA. Dr. Zia has two years of teaching experience and over six years of research experience. He has published…
Muriel Tahtouh Zaatar
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
PhD in Immunology-Physiology & Biology of Organisms, Lille I University, France (with high honors). Dr. Zaatar completed her academic studies in Lebanon and in France.…
Nadia Awaida
Teaching Diploma Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Department of Education
PhD in Curriculum and Instruction emphasis in Adult Education, University of South Florida, USA. Dr. Awaida is a versatile educator with over thirteen years of…
Theresa Massoud
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
PhD in Chemistry, University of California Riverside, USA. Dr. Massoud comes to UOBD from Los Angeles, CA as the founding faculty of Chemistry. Her academic…
Staff Members
Arwa Kinkhabwala
Commercial Manager
Bachelor of Commerce in Advanced Accounting and Auditing (with honors), Sr. K.P. College of Commerce, India. Prior to joining UOBD in 2018, Arwa worked in…
Dalia Sakr
HR Generalist
MA in Human Resource Management and Development, Middlesex University Dubai, UAE. Prior to joining UOBD in 2019, Dalia worked in an FMCG company for five…
Glades Jreij
Executive Assistant to the CEO & EDC Programs Coordinator
Bachelor of Business Administration, Lebanese University, Lebanon. Prior to joining UOBD, Glades worked for more than 18 years in many fields:  Abou Jaoude & Associates…
Haifa Al Kourani
Degree in Management information System , Computer Programming Center, Lebanon. Haifa joined UOBD in November 2020. Haifa started as a Mathematics teacher in Lebanon for…
Mamdouh Maayouf
Chief Accountant
Bachelor of Commerce, Cairo University, Egypt. Mamdouh joined UOBD in 2018 as chief accountant. He has thirteen years of finance and accounting experience in UAE.…
Maya Haydar
Head Librarian
Bachelor of Arts and Teaching Diploma in English Language and Literature, University of Balamand, Lebanon. Maya has more than fourteen years of experience in the…
Mira Hamzeh
Director of Admissions & Student Recruitment
MA in Human Resource Management, American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Mira joined UOBD in December 2018. She heads up the Office of Admissions and Student…
Rachelle Yaacoub
Recruitment Assistant & Student Life Coordinator
Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Balamand, Lebanon. Rachelle joined the University of Balamand Dubai in August 2018 as a Student Recruitment Assistant. She has…
Tala Ramhamdani
Social Media Coordinator
Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies, American University in Dubai. Tala joined UOBD in October 2020. While completing her bachelor’s degree, Tala has gathered almost…
Ussama Jano
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation
Bachelor in Information Technology, Al Khawarizmi College, UAE. Ussama has been working in the higher education sector in UAE since 2003. Previously worked at The…
Licensure and Accreditation

UOBD is licensed to operate as an institution of higher learning by the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE).

The following programs offered by UOBD have received initial accreditation by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the MOE:

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics
  • Professional Teaching Diploma (Postgraduate)

Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) approved that the UOBD Professional Teaching Diploma meets the criteria to be accepted as teacher preparation qualification in Dubai.

Click here for CAA List of Accredited Programs at UOBD

Other degree programs are under review for initial accreditation by the CAA or are planned for development and pursuit of CAA initial accreditation in the near future.

Fast facts
Student Enrollment : Fall 2020 93
Gender Balance Fall 2020 29 Male, 64 Female
Student Retention Rate (2019-2020) 81%
Student Graduation rate Graduate Diploma 1.5 years: 53% 2 years: 96%
Completion Rate Graduate Diploma Overall: 90%
Employment of graduates Graduate Diploma 63%* *Based on UOBD Alumni’s 2020 survey responses.
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