Graduate Professional Teaching Diploma
Diploma Program
Faculty of Arts & Science
24 Credit Hours
Department of Education
1 years (2 Semesters)
Fall, Spring


The Professional Teaching Diploma (PTD) program at the University of Balamand Dubai (UOBD) adopts an interdisciplinary approach to training educators. The program aims to develop educators’ knowledge of teaching and learning methodologies and identifying learners’ developmental characteristics and needs.  Students in the PTD program learn to acquire discipline related teaching methods, classroom management techniques, and traditional and unconventional assessment tools. Educators use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance student learning and assessment.

Why PTD at UOBD?

  • Evening and weekend classes accommodating students’ busy and professional schedule.
  • Remote access to instruction providing students with opportunity to attend classes without the commute.
  • Hybrid-Intensive courses offering students a jump-start into the program and accelerated achievement. 

Accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE)

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