Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Bachelor Degree Program
Faculty of Arts & Science
122 Credit Hours
Department of Chemistry
4 years (8 Semesters)
Fall, Spring

Why Chemistry?

  • We live in a time where society and social media make you quite conscious of the “chemicals” around you. Are there any harmful ingredients in my shampoo? Is the preservative in my pre-packaged snack safe to consume? Will the medicine I am taking react negatively if I drink too much coffee? And the most common question lately, is this plastic I’m using BPA free? A Bachelor’s in Chemistry can help you understand the chemistry around you, and allows you to make informed, educated decisions regarding every day consumer choices. 
  • Chemistry is called “the central science” because it connects other sciences, such as biology, physics, geology, and environmental science to each other. With a degree in chemistry, you will have acquired a deep understanding of how all aspects of the world around you are interconnected.
  • Studying chemistry provides you the achievement of gaining vital skills in critical thinking, writing, and independent, as well as collaborative problem solving. In addition, as a physical science, chemistry has the added benefit of allowing you to acquire a special set of skills in research and data analysis.

Career Opportunities:

  • Forensic Scientist
  • Bio-technologist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Cosmetic Scientist (makeup chemist)
  • Toxicologist
  • Dental School
  • Petroleum Scientist


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