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Why should my child attend an institution like the UOBD?
UOBD believes that learning occurs not only in the classroom, but also through engagement in campus life and in communities and organizations beyond the university. UOBD provides a holistic education that equips the learner with the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to build up a bright future for him personally and for the community.

Our dedicated faculty and staff offer the guidance and raise the motivation level to enable a student to become a wise decision maker. Our resources, facilities, research experiences and rich extra-curricular activities ensure that the student spend efficient years and attain a rich successful journey at the time he/she is learning at UOBD.

What if a student is undecided about a major? Will this create a problem?
Absolutely not. In fact, an estimated 20 percent to 25 percent of freshmen students are undecided about what they want to study. And of those students who have chosen a major before enrolling, many change their major at least once, and often two or three times, during their UOBD career.

Students will also have the opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with experienced academic advisers who will help them decide what classes to take and what majors to explore.

Students can also get help exploring majors at the UOBD's Career Center. The center offers individualized career counseling, a resource library, and classes dealing with major exploration and career development.

How large are classes at the UOBD?
Determining the class size will be based on teaching and learning delivery models:
  • - A scientific course with lecture/tutorial style delivery may have a maximum of 30 students.
  • - A Language course with discussion/debate style may have a maximum of 15 students
  • - Courses held in Laboratories e.g. Software applications and designing, number of attendees will be decided on experiment and /or activity basis.
  • - University Services courses are delivered in auditorium where the hall can house up to 100 students.

Does the UOBD offer any special programs for new students?
The University of Balamand Dubai offers an Orientation Program that consists of an Intensive Language Program and a Remedial Program. To join either of these programs the student must hold a High School Diploma.

The Intensive Language Program is designed to prepare students who completed their secondary education for the language aptitude entrance examinations required by the different departments at the University. Failure to meet language requirements set by the University may place a student in the Intensive Language Program. This Program helps the student improve his/her language ability. Students have a period of one year to fulfill the language requirements and to join the regular program; otherwise they will have to reapply to the University.

The Remedial Program is designed to prepare students who completed their secondary education for the entrance examinations set by the University. Those students may lack the required proficiency in the English language and/or subjects’ prerequisite skills for the university entrance exams. Cases are studied individually and acceptances are issued upon the recommendation of the Admissions Office. Students have a period of one year to finish this program. The two programs are also offered to students who had their secondary education in a language other than English. UOP students have to take a number of courses depending on the selected major, in addition to the English Language requirements. These courses are: BIOL005, CHEM005, ENGL001, ENGL002, ENGL003, MATH 005, and PHYS 005.

What does the UOBD do help students adjust?
The first step is UOBD orientation Day, which takes place in the summer before the students start in the fall. Students will meet current and new students as well as staff, faculty, and advisers. They immediately begin activities and meet one another during Week of Welcome, which helps them become even more familiar with their new world. This familiarity is one thing that helps them adjust to the campus and helps them feel at home quickly! 

The office of Student Affairs is also an excellent source for help in adjusting to college life. After all, we too want your son or daughter to be successful.

What does the UOBD do to help students succeed?
We do a lot. Student adjustment and retention are important to us!
Transitioning from high school to university life can be challenging and stressful for many students. This can lead to personal difficulties that can hinder academic advancement and seriously affect a student’s quality of life and wellness. The Counseling Center at UOBD provides professional counseling services and programs to help students succeed and make the most of their total college experience personally, intellectually, vocationally, socially and physically.

The Counseling Center consists of professional personnel who support students as follows:
  • - Psychologist/Psychotherapist who deals with critical cases that require follow up on an individual basis.
  • - Counselor that addresses common problems at the group level and promotes activities to encourage students to refer to the counseling and/or the learning center.
  • The Learning Support Office (LSO) coordinates with faculties, departments and other offices to provide assistance to students in study-related issues, exams anxiety and time management. The LSO aims to:
    1. provide educational support through facilitating different learning strategies (peer support, technology integration, group learning…)
    2. help identify students in need of specialized learning programs
    3. offer an opportunity for students to reach their fullest potential
    4. assist faculty seeking different ways in student learning strategies
    5. encourage understanding of diversity among learners
  • - Professional Women Counselor that addresses women students’ needs and interests and also serves as a resource for the development of strategies and programs to involve women students in University activities.
There are no restrictions as to what can be discussed in counseling, and it is free and confidential.

Another way to help students to succeed is through our advising program that includes all aspects of academics such as:
  • - Selection of courses
  • - Counseling on academic related matters,
  • - Monitoring the academic progress of the students
  • - Making sure that students follow the plan of study and select courses accordingly.

What types of activities are there for students?
The Office of Student Affairs through its various divisions provides opportunities for student development through extra-curricular activities and programs that improve the students’ potentials and interpersonal skills. The office offers a variety of multidisciplinary activities and services in (1) Career Guidance, (2) Counseling, (3) Campus Life and Student Development, (4) Athletics, (5) Student Work and, (6) Student Publication. These services will be available to guide students throughout their university life and will be developed gradually depending on the student enrollment and available facilities. Events and programs will be communicated to students through electronic means (mainly on UOBD website and social media pages) and updated continuously.

How can a student gain residency visa?
International students coming from abroad should present their official letter of acceptance from the University of Balamand Dubai at the student services office to obtain an entrance visa. Upon arrival to UAE, they should apply for residency. Students should insure that they are holding a valid passport and that the residency is obtained before expiration of the visitor visa.