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 Mission Statement

The primary mandate of the Department of Biology is to provide excellence in teaching at the undergraduate level The Department offers a comprehensive program, which exposes students to the full range of biological sciences. Our undergraduate three-year curriculum introduces students to modern studies in general, molecular, cell, and environmental biology. It also emphasizes active, hands-on experience with modern technology. Small class sizes with an emphasis on laboratories and tutorials foster ongoing, productive interactions between students and faculty.

 Program Educational Objectives

  1. Introduce students to modern studies in general, molecular, cell, organ systems and environmental biology
  2. Emphasize active, hands on experience with modern technology
  3. Prepare the students to go on to professional programs in medicine, medical sciences, biotechnology or science education
  4. Prepare the students to enter the workforce directly, as research assistants, data analysts and members of marketing teams in the pharmaceutical and health industries
  5. Help the students to pursue graduate studies in biological sciences, with the aim of following a career in academia or industry


 Program Learning Outcomes

By the time that undergraduate students graduate from our programs, they will:
  1. Have gained sufficient understanding of the different biological facts and concepts
  2. Have acquired the most updated findings in the different biological areas
  3. Be able to think logically and communicate clearly the acquired biological knowledge and experimental skills
  4. Have acquired enough knowledge and skills to join and excel in professional programs as medicine, medical sciences, biotechnology or science education
  5. Be outstanding members of the workforce by having adequate skills to retrieve, evaluate and communicate information from the scientific literature, electronic databases, and experimental data
  6. Have enough knowledge and skills to formulate hypotheses and apply quantitative methods to biological problems so that they can pursue research-related studies and careers.
  7. Be able to use scientific instrumentation and information technology and have written, and oral, and multimedia scientific communication.

After completing the General Education Courses (University requirements and Free Electives) students should be able to:
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of humanities, social sciences, library science and leadership skills.
  2. Communicate more effectively in oral and written English.
  3. Develop quantitative and research skills.
  4. Think more critically and creatively.
  5. Apply ethics in their behavior and decision making.
  6. Work collaboratively, learn independently and practice lifelong learning.
  7. Exercise leadership and have a sense of responsibility.
  8. Have pride in Arabic culture and Islamic values.
  9. Recognize and appreciate the diversity of the human experience.



 Admission Requirements

  • - Secondary school average:
    1. The minimum average for accepting an applicant is the equivalent of 75 percent or more in the final year or 75 percent or more in the two years out of the last three years.
    2. Higher averages may be applicable for certain colleges/schools and/or specific majors.
  • - MATH SAT score ≥ 550.
  • - A score of 71 or more on internet based TOEFL (iBT) or a score of at least 527 on the institutional paper-based TOEFL (ITP) or a score of at least 5.5 on academic IELTS or a score of atleast 1250 on EMSAT. Scores are only valid for two calendar years.


Application and Entrance Exams Fees:
Applicants must complete the University Application Admission Form and pay a non- refundable undergraduate application fee of 250 AED.

Tuition Fees

Program Undergraduate
Tuition/Credit Hour
Sciences 2782.50
The University reserves the right to change the above tuition fees for newly admitted students. For continuing students increases in tuition fees will be limited to a maximum of 5% per academic year.

All fees are inclusive of 5% VAT.